Tracker Theme 1 (NL) - Typo1

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Create your own habit/habit trackers super easily!
These topics have been completely adapted to the monthly and weekly tracker.

Topics on this sticker sheet
Steps - Exercise - Walking - Sleep - Vitamins - Water - Healthy eating - Vega - Less caffeine - Yoga - Meditation - Morning routine Evening routine - Breathing - Fresh air - Me time - Self care

It has never been easier to keep track of your habit!
This is also available in English.
Please let us know which topics you would like to see added 👍

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Everything coordinated, in 3 font sizes, in Dutch or English
Monthly and weekly trackers with topics
Page headers, bullet points and a timeline
And of course days of the week, months and additional topics.
Where the day and month consist of 1 piece!

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Tracker topics fit into the monthly and weekly trackers
Month trackers are ready-made numbered! Never write 1-31 again.

Page headers and bullet points
Various page headers per category.
Bullet points in 2 types per 5 together, perfectly fitting within the dots!
If you want a row of 20, no problem, it's all precisely aligned.

Months: how convenient!
Day and month cut into 1 piece! e.g. September 1, September 2, etc.
So only paste once!
The 3 sizes of only the month on 1 sheet.

Days and numbers
Days of the week and numbers in 3 formats.
The little days fit within the dots.
The small numbers are circles that you can color yourself.
This sticker sheet also has various special characters

A timeline of different intervals.
Plus extra minutes times.