Inspiring and interacting through Social media, creative tutorial videos, workshops or just getting together to be creative. Because we are both a creative platform and webshop! We spend a lot of time finding beautiful, unique items that you will not easily find in the regular stores. And we'll show you how to use them. 

We also make our own products! Think of self-designed washi tape, stamps and stickers with drawn illustrations and hand lettering days/weeks/months. But also double-sided cork cover booklets with inserts. And in the context of environmental friendliness, you can even largely use our packaging for journaling!😉. Of course we are always open to suggestions and/or special wishes.


Self illustrated - Waterproof - Different sizes - Multifunctional!

We love that! You can really go in all directions with our stickers!
Read more about this unique concept soon!

Thanks to our special printer, the print is waterproof! This way you can color our creative stickers yourself! Even with markers and watercolors! The material of atsticker sheets have been carefully selected for this and extensively tested by us. 

Different formats
Due to the different formats, you always have the right format for every project or size of your booklet. The small stickers are therefore very suitable for our mini journal!

You can choose between a transparent (clear) or a white sticker sheet. With a transparent sticker you can still see the background through it. Your sticker will then blend very nicely into your project. A white sticker covers the background, so the sticker just pops out. It's just what effect you want to create! This way you always have the right size, your favorite material and you can color them yourself!

Self illustrated 
All stickers are designed and made by us with a lot of love. This way you know that you always have a unique design in your hands.

Choice stress?
Can't choose between the variants? Then take a look at our sticker bundles! In it you will find all variants of a specific design for a lower price.

Save stickers?
Have you seen our sticker books/inserts yet? You can easily take your stickers and washi tape with you! You can use the booklets/inserts individually or in, for example, our handmade cork, double-sided journals. This way you take your favorite items with you anytime and anywhere.

All in all, we hope you with Journal This
creatively inspire and learn from each other!