Kuretake Karappo (Felt tip)

€7,95 EUR

Leave a unique impression with the Kuretake Karappo. Named after the Japanese word for "empty", the Karappo is an empty pen that you can fill with fountain pen ink from a bottle or your own custom color made with ink blends of your choice.

This refillable brush pen has a precise and user-friendly felt tip. The package also contains two empty ink cartridges, an eyedropper to fill the cartridges, and two metal balls to seal the cartridges after you fill them.


The cartridges only need to be sealed with a metal ball after filling if you are not going to use them immediately.

Once a sealed cartridge is placed in a Karappo pen, the metal ball is pushed into the cartridge. The ball cannot be removed from the filling and therefore cannot be resealed. However, the cartridge can be reused if you install it in a pen immediately after refilling.