JT Journal - Poppy

€21,99 EUR

1 journal, endless possibilities
1 journal for everyone

Whether you like to draw, paint, stamp, work with paper or just write: don't worry, it's all possible! Read more about our all-rounder! And of course about the storage system that you get!

Premium quality 180 gsm paper
Every page has a fresh start, no bleeding, ghosting, feathering.
Very suitable for watercolor and (brush) markers.
The paper may have a lot of water.
Apply several layers without curling the paper.
Smooth & uncoated paper.
Beautiful soft blending with beautiful, bright colors.
Ink dries quickly, smudge proof and fountain pen friendly.

Custom A5 size
Height is tailored to 8 inch paper blocks, this fits over the entire length.
No more uncovered edges.
Familiar A5 feeling.

80 bright white pages
Journal is not too thick and fits comfortably in the hand.
No more stress about starting a new journal without it being full.
A journal per theme or subject.
Enough pages for:
- 1 month, double pages, with trackers
- 2 months, single pages, with trackers
- 2 months, alternating pages without trackers
A new journal is a gift for yourself every time.

Ultra light dots
They are there when you need them.
They're not there when you don't need them.
Once you get used to it, you won't want anything else!

They really are a guideline, supporting you where necessary.
But when you draw, paint or make collages, they disappear.
This way you focus completely on your creativity.
This way the dots do not form an obstacle.

They even offer you something to hold on to when writing.
Once you have finished your story or poem, you will no longer see them.
Really fantastic!

Cover designs & extras
Various self-illustrated designs.
Various sturdy vegan leather structures, easy to clean.
Special strong binding for the 180 gsm paper.
2 reading ribbons in different colors for more overview..
Envelope in the back for extra storage

The treasure box
Create your own personalized storage system!
Compact, flat A5 format. Writing space on the front, label space on the side. Includes label stickers

Use ideas - Journal
(Bullet) journal, Diary
Planner, Agenda, Notebook
Tracker overview
Swatch book
A journal per project
Art journal, Sketchbook
Coloring book poem collection

Use ideas - save box
Memories, Photos
Washi tape, stickers, markers
Stamps, Inks, Pens
Month journal theme items
Paper, Craft tools
Crochet/embroidery items
Dried flowers, autumn leaves
Cards, Balloons, Ribbons, Streamers,
Or of course just your journal! 😉

Exterior: 14.5 x 20.5 cm | Inside: 14 x 20.1 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Maria B.
Super nice versatile journal

I'm not easily impressed, but these journals are really beautiful! The covers look luxurious and stylish. The quality of the paper is really great. Finally a journal that is suitable for both bujo and art.
The paper is thick enough to allow you to work with mixed media without the pages pushing through. Watercolor, ink, glue and marker, among others, can all be used. This is my 2nd JT journal but there will certainly be more to follow!


This one really has such a beautiful color ❤️

Hi! Thank you! Have fun with the journal! greetings from U.S

Suzan vZ
RED 🥰😍🥰

Wow! I was already a fan of the own brand journals from journal this. And yes, red is really my favorite color so when this came out I had to have it immediately! In real life it is even more beautiful and it feels so nice! Really super happy with this!!!

Hi Susan! So nice to hear that you are so excited about the new Poppy Journal! Thank you for your review and have fun with this new addition! Love