Journal This premium fountain pen ink - I'm oceans

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This color is a real must-have! A beautiful green/blue color. Reminiscent of the deep waters of the ocean.

This premium fountain pen ink is suitable for any fountain pen. Use it to write or paint with. Be creative with our fountain pen ink!

High quality fountain pen ink in bright colours. These colors have been specially developed for us and are only available here.

30 ml.

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Customer Reviews

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Nice warm color

I already had the Tea Thyme color and the I'm Ocean's color is a nice addition to this. Despite the color blue, it feels warm in color. The ink writes very smoothly from my new fountain pen, which is called Côte d'Azure. This ink matches nicely with this. In short, I definitely recommend this color/ink and am already looking forward to more colors for my collection.

Hi Annemieke,
Thank you very much for your review! Great to hear that you are so satisfied with this ink! And how perfect in combination with your fountain pen. Have fun writing! greetings from U.S

Myriam VV
Reliable colors...

I have all the inks. And I'm happy with it. My fountain pens are happy with it. My brushes are happy...
I don't have to clean my fountain pens unnecessarily, they write reliably until I can refill them. The colors are quietly beautiful, for me they look best with a slightly wider nib. I also like to paint with it, it has beautiful effects. And the names always make me happy. Firm thought girls!

Hi Myriam! Thank you very much for your kind review! How nice to read that you are so enthusiastic about the inks. Have lots of creative fun with it! greetings from U.S