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Continu(s)e: Earth Tone

Journal This

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Let op! Continu(s)e producten worden voor een lagere prijs verkocht. Bijvoorbeeld omdat ze niet volledig de gewenste kwaliteit hebben of door ons zijn gebruikt voor een demo.

De reden dat dit product voor een lagere prijs wordt verkocht is:

Een aantal stukjes papier ontbreken.


Pay attention! Continu(s)e products are sold at a lower price. For example, because they do not have the desired quality or we used them for a demo.

The reason this product is sold for a lower price is:

Some pieces of paper are missing.

Paper bundel with beautiful (special) paper.
Such as Japanese, Chinese, papyrus, bamboo, handmade, washi, vellum, craft, cardstock, embossed, pearlescence and many more!

The paper bundle contain app. 35 pieces of different papers and sizes! (max. A6)

Because of all the different sizes there’s always the right piece for your creative project. Just pick a small one and use it directly for your project. Or use the bigger one and cut or tear it.

Play with the different textures and see how they react to your medium. 

The possibilities are endless! See the video below.