Journal This - PET tape set - Overlay 2

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Discover our unique, matte PET tapes concept! PET tape is completely transparent so you can stick them on top of each other. This way you can apply different tapes on top of each other for unique effects. The various colors, prints and patterns allow you to combine, mix and match endlessly. This is how you design your own customized pet tape. Because you can put it together completely according to your wishes, it always fits your style and creative project.

The PET tape can certainly be combined with regular washi tape!
Do you have a washi tape in your closet that is just not the right color? Or do you want to give the washi tape a little more effect? Then use the washi tape as a base layer and apply one of our overlay or border PET tapes over it. This way you immediately have a completely different effect! Try it yourself!

Why choose JT washi or PET tape?

Exclusive Designs
At Journal This we stand for individuality. We believe that even the smallest details can make a difference and this is reflected in our designs. The washi tapes are designed with care and love, so that each tape is unique and fits your creative vision.

Our tapes are made of high quality materials to ensure quality. Whether you are planning in your agenda, (bullet) journaling, scrapbooking or decorating gift packaging, our tapes remain beautiful for a long time.

Our collection is regularly updated with new designs and themes. Stay informed of the latest trends by regularly visiting our website and via our newsletter.

How can you use our washi tapes?

Decoration for creative projects
Give your creative projects that little bit extra with our beautiful designs.
Or use it to apply different layers. Or, for example, apply as a border under a photo or decoration. Think of decorations in your journal, planner, agenda, card or scrapbook

Gift wrapping
Make your gifts extra special with our decorative tapes.
Discover your creativity with the exclusive designs of the Journal This washi tapes. Order today and give your projects a unique look!

At Journal This we are proud of our extensive product collections with refined, unique and exclusive designs.


By tape
20mm wide
5 meters long

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