Header Reflection (NL) - Typo1

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Create your own theme page spread with these Reflection page headers!
Be inspired by the different headers to maintain a page about. This is the largest font and naturally matches the other “large” fonts. These headers h

Topics on this sticker sheet
Mindfulness - Mood - Sleep - Habit - Lessons - Grateful - Reflection

This is also available in English.
Please let us know which topics you would like to see added 👍

🤗 Meet our planner line! 🤗

Everything coordinated, in 3 font sizes, in Dutch or English
Monthly and weekly trackers with topics
Page headers, bullet points and a timeline
And of course days of the week, months and additional topics.
Where the day and month consist of 1 piece!

👇 Quickly read the details below 👇

Tracker topics fit into the monthly and weekly trackers
Month trackers are ready-made numbered! Never write 1-31 again.

Page headers and bullet points
Various page headers per category.
Bullet points in 2 types per 5 together, perfectly fitting within the dots!
If you want a row of 20, no problem, it's all precisely aligned.

Months: how convenient!
Day and month cut into 1 piece! e.g. September 1, September 2, etc.
So only paste once!
The 3 sizes of only the month on 1 sheet.

Days and numbers
Days of the week and numbers in 3 formats.
The little days fit within the dots.
The small numbers are circles that you can color yourself.
This sticker sheet also has various special characters

A timeline of different intervals.
Plus extra minutes times.