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A Cold Warm Morning

Posted by Journal This on

Recently it had frozen a little at night.
Roofs had a white haze, but the sun came through early.
Looking out the window, the neighbors shed at one point looked like in the photo.


This was very special to see.
The same roof, but divided into 2 completely different parts.
And that only because of the sun!
It inspired to write this mini blog.
Because, these two sides need not only be the case with this roof, of course.

It stimulated thinking and started to extend the situation to other things.
 Things that take place in life, if it’s something big or small.
Because we cannot always change these things or events.
These sometimes are the way they are.

What we can change is our point of view.
The way we look, from which side we look at this.
What we do with this, how we respond to this.
This can make a world of difference.
The glass is half empty or half full.

The sun & heat: love, gratitude and positivity.
It can melt a haze, reveal underlying colors.
Emphasizing and bringing out beautiful sides.
Like a warming sunny day after dark days.

That can give us the strength and energy to transform our feelings into something positive.

Love from us




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